The Klinghardt Institute, England

Our Mission

We are living in the age of the great extinction – adieu to animals, forests, soil, clean air, lakes, rivers and oceans, biological farming, nutritious food, healthy drinking water, and more. Most of us are not directly aware since we are kept purposefully in the illusion that things are normal, well and under control.

Weekly thousands of chemicals are released into the environment without the requirement for safety studies. The oceans are polluted with mercury, depleted uranium, golf course herbicides and every chemical ever produced. Politicians are paid off by corporate special interests to condone their destructive influence.

We, the people, and all that lives, are in continuous osmotic exchange and communication with our environment. Whatever is in the environment shows up inside our body. It has become an ever-increasing task of our body’s innate detox mechanisms to keep the inner milieu reasonably clean against the overwhelming osmotic pressure of the intruding chemicals and toxins. But our systems collectively are starting to fail – some sooner, some later. Autism, learning differences, hyperactivity and skin disorders in children are just the beginning of an avalanche of illnesses. In the older age group it is the degenerative illnesses of the brain that did not exist even 30 years ago and are taking us down – one by one. All neurological illnesses are on a dramatic increase, so are many malignancies, infertility and psychiatric disorders. The speed of destruction of our earthy foundations is accelerating.

Is it too late to save the ship? We don’t believe it is. Immediate action is needed, yes, but its not too late. Our group, the Klinghardt Institute is suggesting and working on a 3-pronged approach:

Help, diagnose and treat the affected and suffering people. This extends naturally also to all animals and plants. Those of us who are struggling are the canaries in the coal mine, the first ones to go down. But the affected children and adult sufferers are just showing us what is to come. We have to identify the illness-causing chemicals and technologies in the human and earth environment, in our biosphere – and rapidly develop healing strategies and technologies to antidote the toxic influences imposed upon us.
Raise public awareness – using both the diagnostic findings and treatment results as evidence – as to the true causes of the global epidemic of chronic illness, infertility and psychiatric dysfunction.
Translate medical findings, environmental toxicology results and radiation readings into policy (real political change). We have to become politically active. Very active.

Daniela Deiosso BA Hons, Anthroposophical Teacher and scientific advisor. Integrating the findings and decisions into the educational systems (families and schools) worldwide.

Dr.Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD scientific advisor and physician: developing and employing diagnostic and treatment modalities. Establishing treatment centers and conducting ongoing research and further development.

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